The SEO Interviews

Tony Adam

Tony Adam got a taste of search by migrating to a variety of roles within Fame 1 Computers, Inc. (February 2002 to October 2005), a computer hardware

Adam Audette

Adam may well be the first 'second generation internet marketer'. He got his start in 1996 working for his family's marketing company, MMG, with clients such as Intel, IBM,,

John Audette

John Audette, (currently with 501Strategies) was doing SEO before it had a name, before people knew what it was, before spider run search engines existed! You get

Greg Boser

Greg Boser (aka WebGuerilla and half of the SEO Rockstars duo) is known for telling it like it is. His website comment policy is, “Don’t be a dumbass!” You get

Christine Churchill

Christine was a missile officer in the military. Her daily activities consisted of running computer simulations of missile trajectories and deployments sites. She was part of the team that selected

Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay, president and CEO of Bruce Clay Inc. considers himself fortunate to have participated in the formation of an industry. Bruce started his company in 1996

Csutoras, Malicoat & Winfield

Brent Csutoras, Todd Malicoat and Chris Winfield are the three musketeers of search, if you will. Through their years in the trenches of SEO they have become each other’s support

Damien Finlay

Damien Finlay is the Managing Director at Epiar, a search engine optimization, marketing and copywriting firm. Originally, Damien worked at Oracle in database architecture.

Michael Gray

Michael Gray, aka Graywolf began his SEO career in 1998 while working for a jewelry and home furnishings business. He was hired as their in-house developer and stumbled into search

Jonathan Hochman

Jonathan Hochman is a lead consultant for Hochman Consultants. Launched in 2004, Hochman Consultants specializes in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Jonathan graduated from

Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt is the co-owner and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist for Global Strategies International (GSI). Global Strategies International is a search marketing consultancy organization offering strategic

Andre Jensen

Also know as Andre the Search Giant, Andre Jensen is a seasoned veteran in the Online Marketing industry who also got his start with the core CompUSA folks in the

Detlev Johnson

Detlev Johnson is one of the early pioneers in search engine marketing and web optimization services. Originally a musician, he played guitar in a band called Jr. Johnson and the

Laura Lippay

Laura Lippay moved to Boston to participate on a rollerblade team in Boston before joining the Ringling Brothers Circus as a rollerblader in 1996. After the circus experience, Laura expanded

Heather Lloyd Martin

Known for her SEO Copywriting prowess, President and CEO of Success Works, Heather Lloyd Martin sat down with Mark Knowles for an interview of how it all

Michael Martin

Michael, currently SEO director of Resource Nation, left Massachusetts in search of a warmer climate in 2004. His destination was San Diego and he was fortunate to

Matt McGowan

Matt McGowan, currently the Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Operations at Incisive Media, started out in financial services at Charles Schwab in New York working on

Lee Odden

Lee Odden, is the CEO of TopRank Online Marketing based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. TopRank is a search marketing agency integrating natural search optimization with social media marketing

Jeremy Sanchez

Jeremy Sanchez, co-owner of Global Strategies International, (acquired by Ogilvy in March of 2007) got his start in search engine optimization (SEO) as John

Marshall Simmonds

As chief search strategist for the New York Times Company, Marshall Simmonds has been predicting the end of search since he started doing it in 1997. As

Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan, renowned search guru, nonchalantly says that he was a newspaper reporter that saw the web, liked what he saw and decided to leave newspapers and start working with

Shari Thurow

Shari Thurow is the founder and Search Engine Optimization Director for Omni Marketing Interactive. She has been designing and promoting web sites since 1995. Shari says that

Dana Todd

Dana Todd initially started out in the world of what was called at the time, “search engine positioning” in late 1995 as Vice President of Bien Logic (later <a href="//"

Aaron Wall

An SEO guru, Aaron Wall is the creator and developer of SEO Book that initially came out in December 2003. SEO Book is a leading SEO blog

Eric Ward

Eric Ward, Link Evangelist at and president of, was involved in launching many of the industry’s Internet success stories, including, Internet Link Exchange and

Jill Whalen

In the early 90’s, Jill Whalen was a stay-at-home mom with three kids. Being an early adopter of the internet, she started a parenting chat room to connect with parents

Derrick Wheeler

There are a few SEO early birds that got their start at CompUSA in Portland, Oregon and Derrick Wheeler was one of them. He can still get you discounts on