Matt McGowan

Matt McGowan, currently the Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Operations at Incisive Media, started out in financial services at Charles Schwab in New York working on Wall Street. After transferring to San Francisco, Matt joined up with Pearson as a Marketing Manager, an international publisher of textbooks for education, business information and consumer publishing markets. After a few years, Matt became the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations for, then a small e-retail auction house. During this time, Matt successfully managed four regional processing centers in New York, California, Washington and Florida. By the time he left in 2006, their revenue had increased to $30 million.

Matt oversees execution of new business opportunities at Incisive Media and joined the team in 2006. He pays particular attention to: the Search Engine Strategies (SES) Conference and Expo Series, the ClickZ Forum Series and the online publications and Matt also provides internal consulting as related to the Incisive Media publishing business and necessary digital perspectives. He is a frequent speaker at events and holds an MBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Oxford.