Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt is the co-owner and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist for Global Strategies International (GSI). Global Strategies International is a search marketing consultancy organization offering strategic advice, training and implementation services enabling Fortune 500 and enterprise companies to effectively reach Internet users in overseas markets. In this role at GSI, Bill helps companies use SEM to reach customers in overseas markets.

In a former role as Senior Partner and Strategist for Outrider in North America, Bill oversaw Outrider’s Search Marketing Group servicing global SEM campaigns for companies like Accenture, IBM, Intel, The Hartford Insurance and Zurich Insurance.

A veteran of the Marine Corps, Bill earned a B.A. in Asian Studies/Japanese from the University of Maryland in Tokyo and a B.S. and MBA in International Business from California State University, Los Angeles. Before getting into search engine optimization (SEO), Bill owned a company called QuakeGear in Los Angeles selling earthquake/disaster preparedness kits. Frustrated with trying to break into the Japanese market, he posted a venting message on an online forum on what was then the GE Network or Genie Network; before the days of web browsers. His message got a response from customers. So he started investigating the Internet eventually building a website and promoting it on Yahoo! and various directories. After successfully promoting his website, Bill’s company started assisting customers with website promotion. Noticing the fluctuations in page rankings, Bill studied how to manipulate placement in these rankings.

In 1997, Bill found himself working in Bend, Oregon for the Multi-Media Marketing Group (MMG) with John AudetteMarshall Simmonds and Derrick Wheeler. Together with Derrick, Bill sold a top 100 submissions list. Soon companies like Intel and IBM approached MMG for SEO services. When MMG got acquired by Outrider, Bill became the US CEO working with Detlev Johnson. With changes in ownership, Bill eventually left Outrider in late 2000. Bill considered himself through with search when in 2001, WebMD approached him and offered a place for his services. The experience with WebMD provided Bill an epiphany of insight into corporate culture. Leveraged by the success at IBM, Bill was approached by Yahoo! to help with one of their projects. Together with Jeremy Sanchez, Bill formed the base of what later became GSI in March 2001.

Along with Mike Moran, Bill is the author of Search Engine Marketing, Inc.: Driving Search Traffic to Your Company’s Web Site (2nd Edition).