Derrick Wheeler

There are a few SEO early birds that got their start at CompUSA in Portland, Oregon and Derrick Wheeler was one of them. He can still get you discounts on Windows! His start in SEO in the mid-1990’s was prompted by a co-worker at the time, Marshall Simmonds, when Marshall left CompUSA to join a little company called Multimedia Marketing Group in Bend, Oregon. Little did Derrick know that the move would prompt a the journey that years later would give him the title of Senior SEO Architect for

Managing strategy and development for the 5th largest site on the planet has come from over a decade of ongoing search strategy practices. From pitching and acquiring American Express from his closet, to managing hundreds of large companies such as Capital One, T-Mobile, Travelocity and others, Derrick’s experience is wide-spread. His experience has been with credible companies such as IntrapromoteMarketLeap and later Acxiom.

Throughout his history and sometimes humorous stories, one thing has never changed for Derrick. He continues to be an ambassador for solid search practices and the value of fundamentals. He talks with Mark about his beginnings and who influenced him in his career thus far.