Michael Martin

Michael, currently SEO director of Resource Nation, left Massachusetts in search of a warmer climate in 2004. His destination was San Diego and he was fortunate to land an SEO job immediately on his arrival. The company was SEO, Inc. and Burkan Bur was his mentor. He also worked with Aaron Shear. For the last six years, he’s enjoyed going back and forth from agency roles to in-house work all while learning, growing and expanding his SEO skills.

Here’s three key points he made while talking to Mark Knowles at SMX 2010.
“Being a part of the speaker circuit is like a family where you get to develop a network to lean on and get further advice when you need it. That’s the real key: it’s not just nuggets of knowledge—but the networks of knowledge of people who really preserve you.

There’s not a huge degree of knowledge or intertwining different codes that you need to know about SEO. It’s really about execution and really formulating your purpose, scope and guidelines. Then coding and setting up your site accordingly.

Right now, link buying is going away . . . another approach is to create content and send it out to distribution networks, which is what AOL’s doing. The name of the game is creating content, putting links to your site, and distributing it to not only the lower tier, Ezines, but to the higher tier partner networks, such as CNN or Mashable. This allows you to really build your links beyond link buy tactics.”