Jonathan Hochman

Jonathan Hochman is a lead consultant for Hochman Consultants. Launched in 2004, Hochman Consultants specializes in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Jonathan graduated from Yale University with two degrees in computer science. He is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional, Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador, and Microsoft adExcellence Member. His speaking experience includes the Web 2.0 Summit, Search Marketing Expo, and Search Engine Strategies. His industry organization memberships include Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization (SEMPO), Search Engine Marketing New England (SEMNE), and Organization of Independent Software Vendors (OISV).

In 1990, Jonathan set up a consulting practice in New York City focusing on international business development. In 1994, he set up a website helping Russians buy products from the United States, Japan, and Europe. Throughout the 1990s, he represented Russian clients in both import and export transactions while also building website for clients including Barcoding, Inc. in 1998. After working on side projects for a few years, he returned Barcoding, Inc. in 2003 to assist with online marketing. Rather than relocating to Baltimore, he remained in Hartford and started a consulting company with Barcode, Inc. as his first customer. About this time, he met Jill Whalen and became more interested in search engine optimization.

He recommends that if you are new to SEO, use Google as your friend to find information. He recommends the book Search Engine Marketing, Inc. by Bill Hunt and conferences like those provided by SMX. Also, he encourages all to keep a dialogue with your peers in the industry for advice while working hard.