Jeremy Sanchez

Jeremy Sanchez, co-owner of Global Strategies International, (acquired by Ogilvy in March of 2007) got his start in search engine optimization (SEO) as John Audette’s Executive Assistant in 1997 at the Multi-Media Marketing Group (MMG) in Bend, Oregon. Bend, home to influencing many of the most significant names in SEO, created a setting where Jeremy would work with names like John AudetteMarshall Simmonds, Adam Sherk, Bill Hunt, Andy Whetherwax, and Derrick Wheeler. During this time period, Jeremy identifies the iSales list as a major influence on the early pioneers of SEO. He explains that SEO has evolved into search engine marketing (SEM), where SEM is marketing to the “vehicle of search.”

Jeremy discusses some of the early history of John Audette’s MMG including the early history roots in Portland, Oregon at CompUSA. From these early roots came Derek Wheeler and Marshall Simmonds, who were recruited by John to work at his newly formed company in the basement of his house in Lake Oswego, Oregon in the mid-90s. After relocating to Bend, Jeremy joined the MMG team.

Jeremy explains the evolvement and movement of SEO figures throughout the years as mergers and ownership changes took place. For example, Jeremy identifies working for MarketLeap, located in San Francisco from Bend starting in 2000.