Aaron Wall

An SEO guru, Aaron Wall is the creator and developer of SEO Book that initially came out in December 2003. SEO Book is a leading SEO blog covering marketing tips, search analysis, and more concerning the search space. Since creation, Aaron has revised SEO Book many times and has transformed it to a membership site with online training modules, tutorial videos, custom SEO spreadsheets, exclusive tools, and a community support forum. Aaron continues to provide SEO consulting working with partner Scott Smith at Clientside SEM.

Initially, Aaron joined the United States Navy working as a Nuclear Reactor Operator on a special operation submarine. Aaron disliked the military’s machine like repetition and left after six years. At the end of 2002, motivated by his dislike for the military, he created a rant military website about navy nuclear power. Broke for money, Aaron obtained a mid-level management position which he soon left in 2003 after discovering his creative zeal for the web earning initially $100 a month via affiliate selling. Aaron worked hard and went from making $300 a month at the start of 2004 to $10,000 by year’s end.

Aaron says he finds the greatest enjoyment knowing he can help people. He also enjoys marketing new ideas and developing them after launch to be better than expected. He finds it a fun challenge to enter a saturated market and find a way to beat current leaders to take a piece of ownership in what that market is pursuing.

Recently, Aaron partnered with WordTracker to create “50 Kick- Ass Keyword Strategies.” This guide provides practical tips helping online marketers get profit from keywords.