Interview with Derrick Wheeler

MARK: So we’re sitting here with Derrick Wheeler at Greg’s Grill in beautiful Bend, Oregon along the river, and we’re just talking about how it got started; when, where, what, who? Who influenced whom? What was your first project? How did you ever get interested in search for crying out loud? DERRICK: Well that’s easy. I was […]

Interview with Jill Whalen

MARK: So, how are you doing? JILL: Good how are you? MARK: Good. Well, I live in a climate that is about 17 degrees right now, but I’m in California today where it’s in the 60’s, so I’m feeling pretty good. JILL: Well, that’s good. Yeah, we’re all rainy and gross here. MARK: Now, what part of the country are […]

Eric Ward

Mark Knowles: We are here with Eric Ward, president of and “the original” link builder in the world of the Internet. Eric, thanks for joining us this morning.Eric Ward: Thanks for inviting me. I’m thrilled to be here. Mark: The History of SEO wants to ask you to back up in time and walk us through […]

Aaron Wall

MARK: We’re sitting here with Aaron Wall of the famous SEO book and beyond, for The History of SEO. Boy you’re a huge influence on the SEO folks out there. One of the things we’re doing at The History of SEO is trying to back up in folks careers prior to when they were doing SEO, […]

Dana Todd

MARK: We are sitting here today with Dana Todd, Chief Marketing Officer at Newsforce and Chairman of the Board at SEMPO. First of all, we just want to thank you so much for your time. DANA: Thank you, I’m glad to be here. MARK: Well, what we’ve been doing here at The History of SEO is backing up in time, and […]

Shari Thurow

MARK: We are speaking with Shari Thurow, the President of Omni Marketing Interactive, and a long time search usability person, who has been in search since the very early years. One of the things we are hoping to do is talk to you a little bit about what you were doing just before you got into […]

Interview with Danny Sullivan

MARK: Let’s go back in time about a decade and talk about how you got started in technology and from there, SEO? DANNY: Well, I was a newspaper reporter and I saw the web, liked what I saw, and wanted to be involved with it, so I left newspapers and started working with a friend of mine […]

Interview with Marshall Simmonds

We are sitting in one of Marshall’s favorite Thai restaurant’s in Bend, Oregon on January 14th, 2008. We start by asking him about some of his observations over the years in SEO… MARSHALL: I’ve seen a lot of this come full circle. The one that really got me I think last year was when I saw […]

Interview with Jeremy Sanchez

JEREMY: Adam Mundane said that there was a thread online going on about the History of Search. Where you participating in this? MARK: Well, I haven’t seen that thread. I’m doing some really cool facts finding. I’m trying to get artifacts to substantiate it. Like, if you’ve got an email from Danny Sullivan in 1998 talking about […]

Interview with Lee Odden

MARK: How goes the world of search? LEE: (Laughs) Oh, we’re finding answers; that’s what we’re doing. We’re finding solutions. How is it going for you? MARK: It’s going well. It’s a very busy time. We’re growing and looking for more people as I speak. There are about twenty of us right now. It’s just crazy growth. There […]