Matt McGowan

Mark: Well, we are sitting here this morning with Matt McGowan, Vice President of Incisive Media. We are excited to have you on the phone this morning and would love to hear about your story and the History of SEO from Matt McGowan’s eyes. Matt: Thanks Mark. I’m looking forward to discussing with you what we’ve seen over […]

Interview with Michael Martin

Mark Knowles: We’re here with Michael Martin, SEO director of Resource Nation at SMX West 2010. Good afternoon, Michael. Michael Martin: Good afternoon, Mark. Mark: We’d like you to go back in time and explain what you were doing before you got into SEO. This will help our readers understand how you, personally, got into […]

Heather Lloyd Martin

MARK: We’re here with Heather Lloyd Martin, the president and CEO of Success Works, and probably one of the leading earliest SEO copywriting experts in the country, potentially the world. It seems like you got on that bandwagon pretty quick… HEATHER: Yeah, I did. Back when I first started talking about it and first got involved with […]

Interview with Laura Lippay

MARK: We’re sitting here with Laura Lippay of Yahoo! Media. We really appreciate your time this morning thank you for joining us. LAURA: Absolutely. Thank you for having me. MARK: What we like to ask folks to do is to back up in time to the career you had prior to getting into search, and then walk us […]

Interview with Detlev Johnson

DETLEV: I was just saying it would be nice to see something like that to come out of Bend; “The bedrock of SEO,” with all the history. MARK: My dream world includes how to roll for you, if I can just be candid. DETLEV: Oh, ok, fair enough. MARK: So, “The Origin of SEO.” I know you and I […]

Interview with Andre Jensen

MARK: We are with Andre Jensen of Jensen Incorporated? No. ANDRE: MARK:, excellent. ANDRE: I think I’m going to go with “Andre the Search Giant.” MARK: (Laughs) ANDRE: I bought that domain name today. MARK: That is great. ANDRE: I think that’s a pretty good brand for speaking especially; I think that will be good. MARK: I flew on an airplane with […]

Bill Hunt

MARK: We are sitting here with Bill Hunt, the CEO of Global Strategies International, at SES San Jose 2008. Thanks for coming and talking to us about the history of SEO, and boy we’d just love to hear about your beginnings. I know personally you’ve had quite an early start in this world and one would […]

Jonathan Hochman

MARK: We’re sitting here at SMX East with Jonathan Hochman. We just wanted to talk to you, my name is Mark Knowles with The History of SEO, and we just wanted to talk to you a little bit about your beginnings. If we could rewind, dates, names, and places is great. But go back to the […]

Interview with Michael Gray

MARK: Hey, I’ve been bumping into you at conferences for quite a while, and we’ve just never really had a chance to talk much but I’d love to learn a little bit more about you and your company and also tell you what we’re up to. I’ve been a software developer for about 25 years and […]

Interview with Damien Finlay

MARK: We are sitting here with Damien Finlay. It’s Thursday, March 19th, of SES New York. We just got done with a site clinic; it was great. Damien did a great job. DAMIEN: Thank you. MARK: We just wanted to learn about your beginnings, what year you got started in search, things like that. DAMIEN: Like many in the […]