Matt McGowan

Matt McGowan, currently the Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Operations at Incisive Media, started out in financial services at Charles Schwab in New York working on Wall Street. After transferring to San Francisco, Matt joined up with Pearson as a Marketing Manager, an international publisher of textbooks for education, business information and consumer publishing markets. After a few years, Matt became the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Operations for, then a small e-retail auction house.

Michael Martin

Michael, currently SEO director of Resource Nation, left Massachusetts in search of a warmer climate in 2004. His destination was San Diego and he was fortunate to land an SEO job immediately on his arrival. The company was SEO, Inc. and Burkan Bur was his mentor. He also worked with Aaron Shear. For the last six years, he’s enjoyed going back and forth from agency roles to in-house work all while learning, growing and expanding his SEO skills.

Heather Lloyd Martin

Known for her SEO Copywriting prowess, President and CEO of Success Works, Heather Lloyd Martin sat down with Mark Knowles for an interview of how it all started. “Maybe I can just give it a shot and go online and see if I can be a freelance writer,” were her famous words back in the late 90s that has presently landed Heather Lloyd Martin at the center of the search marketing community with a specialty in SEO copywriting.

Laura Lippay

Laura Lippay moved to Boston to participate on a rollerblade team in Boston before joining the Ringling Brothers Circus as a rollerblader in 1996. After the circus experience, Laura expanded on her interest in graphic design and multimedia in school before heading out near San Francisco working for The Linus Group.

Detlev Johnson

Detlev Johnson is one of the early pioneers in search engine marketing and web optimization services. Originally a musician, he played guitar in a band called Jr. Johnson and the Mystics. Known as the “Guitar God” he taught lessons in a room upstairs at the old “Music Village” in Bend, Oregon.

Andre Jensen

Also know as Andre the Search Giant, Andre Jensen is a seasoned veteran in the Online Marketing industry who also got his start with the core CompUSA folks in the mid-1990s. His real start in SEO centered on something as basic as parenting. In fact, his ticket to being hired at Multimedia Marketing Group started with the curiosity of marketing his parenting site online,

Bill Hunt

Bill Hunt is the co-owner and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Strategist for Global Strategies International (GSI). Global Strategies International is a search marketing consultancy organization offering strategic advice, training and implementation services enabling Fortune 500 and enterprise companies to effectively reach Internet users in overseas markets. In this role at GSI, Bill helps companies use SEM to reach customers in overseas markets.

Jonathan Hochman

Jonathan Hochman is a lead consultant for Hochman Consultants. Launched in 2004, Hochman Consultants specializes in internet marketing, search engine optimization, and pay-per-click advertising. Jonathan graduated from Yale University with two degrees in computer science. He is a Qualified Google Advertising Professional, Yahoo! Search Marketing Ambassador, and Microsoft adExcellence Member.

Michael Gray

Michael Gray, aka Graywolf began his SEO career in 1998 while working for a jewelry and home furnishings business. He was hired as their in-house developer and stumbled into search and SEO by trying to solve issues with their online store. Through his experience with online retail, Michael took his engineering background and turned himself into a self-taught programmer and SEO expert.

Damien Finlay

Damien Finlay is the Managing Director at Epiar, a search engine optimization, marketing and copywriting firm. Originally, Damien worked at Oracle in database architecture. In 2004, on a visit to Edmonton, Alberta, Damien saw an advertisement for a Search Analyst and Account Manager for young company called Epiar.